Cooking Concentrate Frequently Asked Questions


Discover answer to your most frequently asked questions below.

Cooking Concentrates are the next sensation in home cooking! They are concentrated cooking aids packed with intense flavor that allow you to enhance your favorite recipes or improv new ones easily. Simply add 1 TBSP or more to infuse complex flavor into any recipe.  

The possibilities are endless! FlavorUp! is the perfect way to add complex flavor to ANY meal easily. Add it to rice, grains, veggies, meats, marinades, and so much more! See our RECIPES section or visit for inspiration.

FlavorUp! is highly concentrated, so we recommend starting slow using 1 TBSP per dish (4 servings). Once you get a feel for the intensity, add more to taste. Most recipes call for 1-2 TBSP; however, you have the control to customize flavor to your preference.

No. We do not recommend using FlavorUp! as condiment. Unlike traditional sauces, this is highly concentrated with a very strong flavor profile. It’s meant to be added or mixed into your recipes.

They sure can! From a culinary standpoint, Rich Garlic & Herb and Savory Mushroom & Herb varieties are interchangeable in most recipes; however, we encourage experimentation. You might just find your next secret ingredient.